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 Pair of projector spot-lights, that clamp onto the side of the table, or shelf or even a picture frame. Has E27 light bulb holders. Made of painted black aluminium, with plastic  clamp.

Adjustable position.

Black electrical cords and black and white on/off switches.

Length 18cm /7´´


Excellent vintage condition.  Some minor scratching that you can verify on the photos.

Please note that this product is vintage. It is almost never perfect. It may be a little asymmetric and metal parts may be slightly bent.

Any major defects are mentioned here, but please expect to see some minor irrelevant defects not mentioned, that are common to products with more than 20 years of age.
If you have any questions, we are happy to answer them.

All ceiling pendant lamps and wall mounted lamps are hardwired, so they will work in any country.
All table/desk lamps have European 2-pin wall plug, so you may need a country-specific wall plug adapter, or change wall plug.

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