Someone said that we choose wall sconces, flush mount lighting and modern chandeliers  not just for their light, but for the interplay of shadows they cast. The dance between illumination and obscurity can metamorphose a stark concrete space into a whimsical fantasy realm, or turn cold white walls into an enchanting light art gallery.

Reflecting on over a century of design history, from handcrafted artifacts to mechanized marvels, I recognize that each design movement emerged from a spirit of rebellion—a collective decision by young, talented visionaries to forge new and daring paths.

20 Century Lights embodies this spirit. It’s a project that reveres the past while seamlessly integrating it with the present.  

Now, let’s delve into the essence of creating a home that resonates with your personality. Just as each lamp has its unique glow, your living space should mirror your individuality. Here’s how:

Minimalist Elegance with modern chandeliers and Scandinavian pendant lighting-

If you thrive on simplicity and clean lines, opt for Scandinavian style modern pendant lighting. These sleek fixtures illuminate without overwhelming, casting a focused glow that complements your uncluttered aesthetic.

Bohemian Bliss with wooden wall sconces –

For the free-spirited souls who revel in eclectic charm, consider wall sconces and table lamps made of wood. Their warm, diffused light creates cozy nooks, perfect for curling up with a book or sharing late-night conversations.

Industrial Chic with flush mount lighting –

If raw textures and exposed materials resonate with you, embrace flush mount lighting. These unpretentious fixtures celebrate imperfections, casting a rugged glow that transforms your space into a gritty yet inviting haven.

Romantic Retreat-

Dreamy and soft-spoken? Bedroom light fixtures are your allies. Opt for dimmable options, allowing you to adjust the ambiance. Picture warm pools of light, softening the edges of your sanctuary.

Artistic Ambitions with wall lights-

If your walls are a canvas waiting to be adorned, choose wall lights strategically. They highlight artwork, sculptures, or architectural features, turning your home into a personal gallery.

Remember, your home isn’t just a structure—it’s an extension of your soul.

Let your lighting choices weave the narrative of your life within those walls. Visit our shop to browse hundreds of lighting ideas from rustic wall sconces to flush mount lighting to modern chandeliers.

And our mission? To find a loving home for every vintage lamp.

Arrived in perfect condition and packaged SO WELL! The shipping said it would be like 5-7weeks I believe but I received it within about 3 weeks I was so surprised. Just as described.

Private Buyer, USA
Fantastic 😍, thank you very much I'm very happy 😊

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Absolutely gorgeous and strange bubble lamp, in good shape, I´m very happy!

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Wonderful lamps arrived in a flash❤️

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I am so happy I found this Guzzini lamp! This made all the difference to my dining room! Thank you and I will be back!

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I ordered 12 lamps for my interior design project. Delivery was fast and precise The quality of these vintage lamps isamazing with just the right amount of wear.
Wooden modern chandelier
Interior Designer, UK