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Step into the opulent world of Art Nouveau with this breathtaking giant floor lamp, a masterpiece of elegance and grandeur. Crafted from lustrous brass and anchored by a regal stone base, this extraordinary lamp stands as a majestic testament to the beauty of the Belle Époque era. It came to us from a magnificent Mansion in Lisbon, Portugal.

Standing tall and proud, its graceful curves and intricate detailing evoke the romanticism and allure of a bygone era. Each element of this one-of-a-kind lamp is a symphony of craftsmanship, from the delicate filigree adorning its frame to the sumptuous texture of its brass construction.

At its crown, three majestic lights beckon, each a radiant beacon of warmth and sophistication.

But what truly sets this lamp apart is its versatility. With the ability to individually control each light, it offers not just illumination, but the freedom to tailor the ambiance to suit any mood or occasion. Whether casting a gentle glow for intimate gatherings or illuminating the room with a radiant brilliance, this lamp is a masterful fusion of form and function.

A rare find indeed, this giant Art Nouveau floor lamp is more than just a lighting fixture—it is a statement piece, a work of art that transforms any space into a sanctuary of elegance and style. As it stands proudly in your home, it whispers tales of a bygone era, inviting you to bask in its timeless beauty for years to come.


Height 200cm /79´´
Width 70cm /28´´
Depth 50cm /20´´
The lamp comes equipped with 3 E27 screw bulb sockets and a 2-pin European wall plug.
There is a small dent on the brass, please see the last photo

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Weight 20 kg