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Introducing our exquisite Scandinavian design glass swag light, a true testament to the timeless elegance and minimalist sophistication that defines Swedish craftsmanship. Made by Mark Slöjd this stunning piece seamlessly merges form and function, creating an illuminating work of art that transcends mere lighting.

Crafted in Sweden, renowned for its commitment to quality and design innovation, this swag light captures the essence of Scandinavian style. The simplicity of the glass shade evoke a sense of ethereal beauty, reminiscent of the Northern Lights dancing across the Arctic sky. The smoked glass, with its pristine clarity, not only diffuses light with a gentle warmth but also adds a touch of enchantment to any space.

The attention to detail is unmistakable, as the sleek lines and understated simplicity of the design embody the core principles of Scandinavian aesthetics. The combination of functionality and refined aesthetics ensures that this glass swag light not only illuminates your space but also elevates it with a sense of modern allure.

Whether suspended in a cozy corner or as a focal point in your living area, the Swedish-made glass swag light effortlessly enhances any interior with its clean, uncluttered charm. Immerse yourself in the radiance of Scandinavian design, and let this handcrafted masterpiece from Sweden be the shining centerpiece that transforms your living space into a haven of style and sophistication.


Glass height 22 cm/8.5´´

Diameter 8 cm/3´´

Cord length 400cm/13.12 ft

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