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Step into a realm where timeless elegance meets the allure of yesteryear with our magnificent mid-century buffet table lamp. Crafted from lustrous amber lucite acrylic, this lamp exudes a warm, golden glow that envelops your space in a blanket of sophistication and charm.

At its core lies a striking lathe drum-shaped lampshade, a testament to the craftsmanship of a bygone era. Its graceful silhouette softly diffuses the light, casting enchanting shadows that dance playfully across the room, creating an atmosphere of serenity and allure.

But what truly sets this lamp apart is its base, crafted from brass weathered by the passage of time. The gentle patina of oxidation marks left by years gone by, some scuffs and scratches tell a story of age and wisdom, adding character and depth to this already stunning piece. Each mark, a testament to the lamp’s journey through time, imbues it with a sense of history and intrigue that captivates the imagination.

Perched atop its brass base, the amber lucite acrylic body stands tall and proud, a beacon of elegance and style. Its sleek lines and subtle curves evoke a sense of nostalgia for a bygone era, while its timeless design ensures it remains a focal point of any space for years to come.

Illuminate your home with the enchanting beauty of our mid-century buffet table lamp, where vintage charm meets modern sophistication in perfect harmony. Let its warm glow and weathered brass base transport you to a world where memories are made and stories unfold, creating an ambiance that is as captivating as it is timeless.

Total height is 100cm /40´´

Shade height is 40cm /16´´

Shade diameter is 40 cm /16´´

Base is 18 x 18cm /7´´ x 7”

Equipped with one E27 screw light bulb socket and EU 2-pin wall plug.

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