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Introducing our stunning large flush mount light, a luminary masterpiece crafted from bubble glass that transforms any space into an ethereal realm of enchantment. This fixture is not merely a source of illumination; it’s a celebration of texture, light, and design, creating a captivating visual experience that captivates the senses.

The expansive bubble glass shade serves as the focal point, a symphony of translucent spheres suspended in a dance of light. Each bubble refracts and diffuses the glow, casting a spellbinding pattern across the room. The play of light and shadow creates an ever-changing ambiance, turning any ceiling into a canvas of enchanting illumination.

The generous size of this flush mount light ensures that it commands attention, making it a statement piece in any room. Whether suspended in a grand entryway, enhancing the elegance of a living room, or gracing the ceiling of a chic dining area, the sheer presence of this fixture elevates the aesthetics of the space to new heights. The glass is supported by black painted steel support that houses a large porcelain E27 light bulb socket.

The bubble glass, with its organic and irregular shapes, adds a touch of whimsy and character to the fixture. It’s as if the light itself has been frozen in a moment of effervescent beauty, creating an atmosphere that is both modern and timeless.


  • Diameter 27cm/10.5´´
  • Height 13cm/~5´´

Install this large flush mount light and let it be a beacon of sophistication that transforms your space into a haven of style. The interplay of bubbles and light invites you to revel in the magic of design, where functionality meets artistry, and each moment under its radiant glow becomes a celebration of the exquisite beauty found in every bubble.


USA/Canada buyers: this lamp is supplied with a bulb socket for E27 screw cap bulb, 220v. You will be able to use an E26 screw cap bulb standard in your country, or buy E27 bulbs online. However, if you decide that you need brighter light, you may want to change the bulb socket for a local 110v one (easy operation).


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