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Step back in time to the whimsical world of the 1980s with this enchanting vintage nursery table lamp, a true treasure for Disney enthusiasts and collectors alike. Behold the delightful presence of Mickey Mouse, the iconic and beloved character that defined an era.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this lamp captures the essence of the 1980s with its vibrant colors and charming design. Mickey Mouse, in his classic form, takes center stage, radiating timeless charm and nostalgia. The lampshade features a playful display of Mickey’s adventures, transporting you to a bygone era of animated magic and innocence.

The base of the lamp is a sturdy testament to craftsmanship, with a touch of retro flair. Adorned with subtle nods to the ’80s aesthetic, it seamlessly integrates into any vintage-inspired nursery or eclectic decor, adding a touch of whimsy and warmth.

Picture the soft, gentle glow emitted by the lamp, casting a comforting ambiance in the room. As it illuminates the space, Mickey Mouse comes to life, his silhouette dancing across the walls, creating a captivating and enchanting atmosphere that transcends time.

Whether you’re a collector with a passion for vintage Disney memorabilia or a parent looking to infuse a nursery with retro charm, this 1980s vintage Mickey Mouse nursery table lamp is a delightful fusion of art and function. It not only brightens up the room but also serves as a nostalgic reminder of a cherished era when magic and innocence were perfectly encapsulated in the form of a beloved mouse.


  • Total Height 37cm/ 145″
  • Height of the lamp with no lampshade 29cm/11.5″
  • Lampshade height 11cm/4.3″
  • Lampshade diameter 16cm/6″
  • Total diameter 21cm/8″

The lamp comes equipped with one Small Edison screw and one Miniature Edison screw bulb sockets, USA/Canada buyers will need to purchase the E14 to E12 converter piece off Amazon, in order to use bulbs standard in their countries.

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