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Behold the embodiment of Art Deco elegance – the Small Art Deco Table Lamp with Iridescent Glass Globe. A petite marvel that captivates with its timeless allure, this lamp seamlessly fuses artistic craftsmanship with the opulence of iridescent glass, making it a radiant addition to any sophisticated interior.

The luminous glass globe takes center stage, showcasing an exquisite display of shifting colors and ethereal reflections. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the iridescent surface dances with an ever-changing play of light, casting a spell of enchantment across the room. The globe rests on a simple chromed metal base that also hosts an on/off push button. This mesmerizing feature transforms the lamp into a functional work of art, inviting you to indulge in the beauty of every moment.

The Art Deco design, characterized by its geometric precision and sleek lines, elevates the lamp to a symbol of glamour from a bygone era. The small, yet impactful, silhouette of the lamp adds a touch of understated luxury to any space, making it an ideal companion for a side table, bedside stand, or as a decorative accent in your home office.

As the lamp emanates a soft and ambient glow through the iridescent glass, it creates an atmosphere of intimate sophistication. The perfect fusion of form and function, this Small Art Deco Table Lamp effortlessly bridges the gap between classic elegance and contemporary style, making it a timeless treasure that transcends trends and enhances the aesthetic allure of your living space. Illuminate your world with a touch of Art Deco magic, where every glance at the iridescent glow becomes a moment of enchantment.


  • Base 12cm square
  • Globe diameter 10cm

The lamp is equipped with an E14 light bulb holder and a 2-pin EU wall plug.

USA/Canada buyers will need to purchase an E14 to E12 converter piece available on Amazon, in order to use E12 light bulbs, standard in their countries.

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