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Indulge in the exquisite artistry of Portuguese craftsmanship with these Glazed Ceramic Teapot and Coffee Pot, made by Portuguse Sado International in the 1960s, where form seamlessly meets function in a dance of elegance and practicality. Each piece is a testament to the rich tradition of Portuguese ceramic mastery, hailing from the renowned SADO fabric.

Picture the teapot and coffee pot, resplendent in their glazed ceramic attire, with simple nminimalist stripe decor that tell a story of timeless beauty. The smooth, glossy finish creates a tactile delight, inviting your fingertips to trace the curves and contours that embody both grace and strength.

The teapot beckons with its ergonomic design, ensuring a comfortable grip as you pour the elixir of your favorite teas. Meanwhile, the coffee pot, with its elegant presence, promises the perfect pour, embodying the art of precision in every drop.

The SADO collection reflects the fusion of tradition and innovation, as the vibrant glazes harmonize with the authenticity of Portuguese design. The earthy tones evoke the warmth of the Mediterranean sun, infusing your tea or coffee experience with a touch of Southern European charm.

Immerse yourself in the world of SADO, where the teapot and coffee pot are not mere vessels but expressions of cultural heritage and refined taste. Elevate your tea and coffee rituals to an art form with these Portuguese treasures, marrying functionality with the aesthetics of a bygone era. Whether gracing your tabletop or nestled in your hands, the SADO Glazed Ceramic Teapot and Coffee Pot are timeless companions, inviting you to savor the simple joys of life in every sip.


Teapot: Height 15cm/6´´ , Width 23cm/9´´

Coffee Pot: Heigh 21cm/ 8.1´´, Width 20cm/8.7´´



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