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Introducing our Portuguese Mid-Century Wooden Hanging Lamp, a captivating blend of vintage allure and natural beauty, where time’s touch has bestowed a unique defect. This luminary masterpiece transcends eras, seamlessly merging the sleek lines of mid-century design with the character born from the passage of time.

Crafted from rich, warm-toned plywood and straw, the lamp’s form pays homage to the iconic simplicity of mid-century aesthetics. Its silhouette is a testament to the era’s commitment to clean lines and organic materials, creating a sense of timeless elegance.  This lampcarries the scars and marks of  the tears gone by. As the time progressed, the straw became marked by dark spots. Maybe you will see it as an opportunity to complete a restoration project and make a truly unique lighting piece for your home.

The wooden surface, weathered by the hands of time, bears the marks of its journey. Aged knots, subtle cracks, and worn edges speak of decades of existence, creating a one-of-a-kind texture that adds depth and character.

When illuminated, the mid-century wooden hanging lamp casts a warm, inviting glow that dances through the time-induced imperfections, creating a play of shadows that adds to its allure.


Total height 75cm/29.5´´

Height 28cm/11´´

Diameter 35cm/14´´

Suspend this unique hanging lamp in any space – be it a cozy living room, a stylish dining area, or a nostalgic corner – and let it become a conversation starter, inviting admiration for its timeless design and the stories etched into its wooden surface. Embrace the beauty of imperfection with our Mid-Century Wooden Hanging Lamp, where the passage of time becomes an art form. Illuminate your space with a touch of history and a dash of mid-century charm.


This lamp comes equipped with one 220v E27 screw cap light bulb. USA Buyers will be able to use E26 light bulbsA (standard in the US).

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