Aladdin Table Lamp


Vintage pre-loved

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Sometimes we love vintage items for their lack of perfection. For the signs of previous history and life path. For the worn out chrome and presence of patina. For small clues that it may give us of its previous owners.

This Aladdin portable table lamp has its charm in its imperfections. The brass has aged and now you can almost see where the hand rested on the handle. The glass however is in excellent condition.

The light source of this fixture accommodates an E14/E12 Edison screw fitting, allowing for a maximum 40W light source, but we recommend LED.

It comes wirhe new electrical wire and with the original  vintage wall plug.
With a glass diameter of 14cm /6´´ , and height of 28cm /~11´´ , this table light strikes the perfect balance between size and impact, making it an ideal companion for you.

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