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Introducing the Mylonit table lamps, a testament to modernist elegance and innovative design, handmade by Polantis exclusively for IKEA. These lamps stand as a beacon of contemporary sophistication, marrying form and function in perfect harmony.

With their sleek, minimalist silhouette, the Mylonit lamps captivate the eye with their clean lines and geometric precision. Crafted from high-quality glass, they exude an air of refinement, effortlessly elevating any space they inhabit.

The design ethos behind the Mylonit lamps is one of versatility and adaptability. Their understated yet striking aesthetic seamlessly integrates into a variety of interior styles, from the sleek minimalism of a modernist loft to the warmth of a Scandinavian-inspired home.

At the heart of these lamps lies innovative use of colored glass and light.

Whether gracing a bedside table, adorning a living room console, or illuminating an entrance, the Mylonit table lamps stand as luminous symbols of modernist design excellence, inviting admiration and enchantment with every glowing filament.

Equipped by E14 screw cap bulb sockets. USA/Canada buyers will need to purchase E14 to E12 converter pieces, available on Amazon.


Height 30cm /~14ยดยด

Diameter 14cm/~5.5


New, in original packaging.

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